GoAnimate.com: Killer Pizza by pkrambeck

Like it? Create your own at GoAnimate.com. It's free and fun!

Link to Web Site: http://goanimate.com

Description: This is a "free" web site but at just about every screen you get an option to select a "Go Plus" character, setting, etc. as an enticement to upgrade to a paid version of the site. Because the site is so easy to use and very intuitive, it is worth the extra effort of skipping through the "Go Plus" features.

To Begin:
  • Step #1: Create an account (it is free) or use your Google or FaceBook Login to get started. (you can set up a "generic" student account in Google.
  • Step #2: Click the "Create" button at the top of the open window.
  • Step #3: Select a Theme--for the example above I selected "School Chronicles."
  • Step #4: Select a Setting--for this example above I selected "Class is Starting"
  • Step #5: Select your Actors--for the example pick any TWO of the free characters--one for a teacher and one for a student.
  • Step #6: Type in the dialog for the characters--scrolling down the screen as much as you need for your animation. There is a 10 line max on the free version. You can also record your own voice using the microphones.
  • Step #7: Click the Generate Preview button when done with the dialog.
  • Step #8: Publish, Name and Describe your animation.
  • Step #9: Sharing Options: You will be given a URL for your animation that you can put on a web page, the option to embed the video, and also the option to export to Youtube. You can also send the animation link to an e-mail address. (this works great for students working on projects--when they finish they send the link to the teacher's e-mail address and it can then be placed on a web site, wikispace, etc.)

Ideas for Using this Tool:

  1. Vocabulary: Create an animation where two (or more) cartoon characters talk about what a word means. This would allow the students an opportunity to be a bit more creative and learning and exploring the definition of words crosses many subject areas. Sample: http://goanimate.com/movie/0qtKP-9zreIE?utm_source=linkshare
  2. Biography Study: Have a character talk about the important person being studied. Students could have more than one character so there was more of a dialog. Provide the students some guidelines on what should be included such as, why the person was important and what they should be remember for, etc.
  3. Math: Have the characters in the animation talk about a math concept--what is a right angle, how many sides in a pentagon, etc.
  4. Your Idea Here.....