Wall Wisher/Padlet and Linoit
Links to Web Sites:
Wall Wisher: http://padlet.com
Linoit (an iPad App is available) http://www.linoit.com

Description: These two tools (Wall Wisher does not require an account/Linoit does) work like a wall with sticky notes where ideas, announcements and other items can be posted for viewing via a web browser. Teachers are using these two tools in all kinds of ways from organizing to brainstorming to gathering ideas and input from students.
To Begin with Wall Wisher: (the easier of the two)
  • Step #1: Navigate to the web site (no log on or account required) http://padlet.com
  • Step #2: Click the link at the top to "Build a Wall"
  • Step #3: Use the "gear tool" along the right side of the screen to modify your wall and change backgrounds, add a title, set preferences and set the URL address for your page.
  • Step #4: Click "Done" when you have completed the information
  • Step #5: You will be directed to the wall (the URL will be in the address bar of the browser) that you can then share with students/teachers/staff, etc. or you can begin adding notes by double clicking.
    Sample Board to try: http://www.wallwisher.com/wall/esumedia
  • Sample Wall to Try: http://padlet.com/wall/krambeck

I used this site a lot a few years back and then it got finicky and I went away from it and started using Linoit & Stixy. With the new changes and debut of "Padlet" I have returned and like the updates!

To Begin with Linoit: (More powerful/more difficult/iPad App is Available)
  • Step #1: Navigate to the web site: http://www.linoit.com and set up a free account
  • Step #2: Click the link to "Create a New Canvas"
  • Step #3: Select the options for your canvas (create a test canvas to try with a few peers or a small group of students)
  • Step #4: Click the "Create Canvas" button at the bottom when you have completed your choices/preferences.
  • Step #5: You will be directed to the canvas where you may begin creating sticky notes
  • Sample for Media Specialists to Try: http://linoit.com/users/pkrambeckesu/canvases/ESU3%20Media%20Specialist%20Sample
    • Handout on Linoit: Linoit.pdf
      Sample Linoit Canvas
    • Sample Account to "Play" with the tool:
      • User Name: 68023teacher
      • Password: fcpioneers

Terms of Service: The user setting up the account must be 13 years of age or older. If teachers are using the board in class they will need to be the "owner" of the account being used. You may want to consult with your district on policies related to student use.

Ideas for Using this Tool:
  1. Media/Literature Sample: http://linoit.com/users/pkrambeck/canvases/Sample%20for%20Training
  2. Science: Create a canvas to use for student/peer questions and answers related to assignments, readings, etc.
  3. Math: Create a canvas using web links where students can access additional information on the topic being studied. Have a canvas for every unit of study
  4. Reading: Use the canvas as a "virtual" word wall.
  5. Social Studies: Teachers are using Linoit for students to use for communications when working on group projects. They keep track of their sources, notes, images they want to use, web sites, etc. on a canvas.
  6. English: 21st Century Graffiti Board around a topic
  7. Your idea will go here :)