Link to Web Site: http://www.zooburst.com/

Description: This is a "free" web site that allows users to create pop-up books with text and pictures. The idea is fairly simple and students of all ages can create a book that tells a story or shares knowledge on a topic. If you haven't see this web 2.0 tool you will want to give it a look.

To Begin:
  • Step #1: Create an account (it is free). There is a premium version of the site where users get a number of added features. To get started, use the free version and decide if additional features are needed. Teachers can create accounts for students to use but there is an age restriction for account set-up making teachers responsible for student use.zooburst-page.png
  • Step #2: Click the "NEW BOOK" button at the top/left of the open window.
  • Step #3: Name Your Book--and give a description and answer the set-up questions concerning your book.
  • Step #4: Show Instructions--The show instructions link on the site is a brief tutorial or you can download the manual (a link is given) if you would like. Most users just jump right in.
  • Step #5: Select or upload photos--the toolbar on the left side allows for picture uploads or the use of clip-art. (additional features are available for premium users).
  • Step #6: Add Text--you will be prompted to add text to the page. Pictures can also be selected and word bubbles added for the pictures.
  • Step #7: Add a Page--use the green plus sign to add a new page. Repeat steps 5 & 6 to add pictures and text.
  • Step #8: Save your book using the save button located on the page.
  • Step #9: View Book: Select the "My Books" button at the top of the page and a listing of the books you have created will appear. Click the view link next to the book--click it and you will be navigated to your newly created book. The URL/Web address of the book can be shared with others so they can see your book. Premium users have additional options, but the free account allows users to view the book from a link.

Ideas for Using this Tool:

  1. Vocabulary: Create a pop-up book of images that represent word meaning to the students.
  2. Research work: Fourth grade state reports come alive with pop-up pictures and facts about the pictures and images shared by students.
  3. Grammer Work: Have pop-up pictures for nouns, adjectives and verbs--the speech bubbles for the pictures can be the answer letting students know if they are correct or incorrect. Here is an example
  4. All About Me: Have students introduce themselves by creating a pop-up book. Here is an example .
  5. Your idea Here!